All Good Things Come To End

i found this inspiring, i hope you do too

The Book Of Elchyko

Featured imageI still remember where we began.

I found love in your smile

The occasional glitter in your eyes

Moments we shared entirely alone

We thought we had something special

Our mutual imperfections, made us perfect

My pulse did echo your name

We were indeed a little weird

Everything else became an illusion

I assumed our love was indestructible

We had ourselves but wanted more

I just wanted to be happy

You just wanted to be, iono…

I was both happy and sad.

I couldn’t wait to be happy.

I love you, I can wait.

It was a war in my mind

I thought I was getting better.

Many days on which I pondered

And searched Ways to reach you

Wrong number said the familiar voice

I became my own worst enemy

When did you stop being enough?

This never really was true love.

We’re just lost souls aren’t we?

My thoughts…

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The Biafran War


So recently i read the book ‘ Half of the yellow sun’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and to be honest I don’t usually read books by Nigeria authors, heck

I don’t even read books by African authors,so reading one was quite different for me its a good book, quite detailed about the Biafran war and ( clears throat) other things, anyway im ashamed to say this but as a Nigerian in the 21st century I know nothing about the Biafran war, nothing all I knew was it was a civil war, so reading that book sorta made me realize somethings.

Then a friend of mine suggested I read There was a country by Chinua Achebe and I did which made even more into the war than ever, and so I went on to watch the movie to the book ‘Half of the yellow sun’ which was terrible by the way, total and utter bullshit, but what really interested me was the comments of a particular viewer called Dennis Xtian, please read the comments below:

Dennis Xtian: nobody can kill biafra…biafra must stand . nigeria is a zoo..i hate nigeria…fuck nigeria
JOE Ekeator: yeye.. Dennis Xtian keep living in d dark.. Forward ever;backward never..just know i’m an Igbo person..pls reason b4 ur so called biafran will stand…
Dennis Xtian: +JOE Ekeator igbo man indeed..fuck off my post..ezi ofia..
JOE Ekeator : otonodo ewu togo… zombie.. u are a fool at ur age +Dennis Xtian  that’s d reality till den go hang yourself..’cos no going back..#Anuofia wuruawu
 Dennis Xtian+JOE Ekeator ofeke dika gi…we all know hausa fulani man aboki .impregnated your ashawo mother… going back you and who???bastard
JOE Ekeator :ur family bastard;;; ingrate.. my dear ignorance is a disease +Dennis Xtian
Dennis Xtian:+JOE Ekeator i blame that prostitute you call a mother for a mistake like you…son of busted condom  …bastard
 Dennis Xtian:+JOE Ekeator idiot fuck off my post,imbecile
And this Ladies and gentlemen is where i come in
Jessica : im sorry to tell you this sir but biafra’s already dead so… i really don’t see your point
 Then this guy comes in
afrochosenone:+Kadija Bangura As of now 2015. There is no functioning State or Country called Biafra. Nigeria is among the biggest country in Africa and Igbo people are part of Nigeria history both past and present. Dennis Xtian is a rebellious asshole with so much hate in him.
 Then Dennis says 
+afrochosenone your family is asshole you fucking nigeria…idiot

Dennis Xtian:Jessica , your family id dead …swine

afrochosenone :+Dennis Xtian  Typical rebel who has no family. Nigeria is so much alive that it’s well known on Youtube. Show me a video of your country biafra on youtube. Your family were biafran casualties/dead. Don’t hold us responsible for your demise. You brought it upon yourselves. An ant fighting an elephant.
Jessica: +Dennis Xtian  dude calm yourself ,
my family is well and alive thank you very much and last time i checked i am not a swine, im a human being. its obvious  arguing with you is a waste of my precious time. your comment shows how much of an uneducated, unreasonable person you are. so im just gonna leave now.
Jessica: +Kadija Bangura what do you mean i shouldn’t say that about somebody’s country is it not the truth, biafra is dead it is not recognised as a country in africa,so  i really don’t understand you. i actually didn’t realise you were talking to me i thought you were referring to the other person if not i would have told you off a while ago
afrochosenone+ Jessica  We need to be careful of those agents of devil who pretend to be biafrans whereby they are tools used to destabilize Nigeria same as Boko Haram. They’ve sold their morals and souls to the devil for a pot of soup.
 Jessica: +afrochosenone LOL, you actually have a point
Dennis Xtian:+afrochosenone idiot must we live together ,,,fucking nigeria bastard
 Dennis Xtian: Biafra can never be dead ,,is you and your family must die soon..compound fool..wait very soon you idiot will hear from us
Basically as you can see Dennis Xtian is still living in the past
i just wanted to share this with my readers and see the reactions
so please comment ,thank you very much and good-bye

Breakups….. way too much drama


This post goes out to a special friend of mine, she’s always been there for me and now its my turn to be there for her. she is going through a very tough break up and she feels quite devastated, unfortunately i can’t walk with her in school or comfort her or hug her and all that, but i here someone’s already taken up that job and not only is my friend going through a break up, she also made up a big lie, told the person the truth because she didn’t want it to get more out of hand  and now she feels even worse. lets just say shes in a very hard place right now.

So……  i’ve decide to use my blog to tell my awesome friend, that no matter how hard it gets or how annoying that Steve guy is to you, you have to be strong and not worry about it because you are beautiful and kind and funny and a terrible actress ( lol) , there are so many other people out there that are better than him, we’ve all been there bae,so yes cry,vex and shout but remember that you’re too good for him,( i told you he was a bad person but you would not listen :p).

Then the lie thing, i agree with everyone you shouldn’t have done that but it’s already done, just trust me ok , he will eventually come around

This doesn’t only apply to my friend but also to everyone who has gone through or is going through a tough breakup, i just wanna say, it gets better

and i wanna thank Praise and Nneoma  for helping my friend with her guy troubles

thanks for reading 🙂

so … i bid thee farewell

Girls, we are such vicious creatures

G’day everyone,

First off, i want to thank Elchyko for reblogging my blog post, and for the wonderful advise as well as the complement oh and @krazygurlb too.

So you’re probably wondering what is up with the title, its a funny story actually….

so there’s this girl lets call her Jane, she has a bestfriend call Nneoma, who she tells everything to, now ,i know these two girls because i practically live with them and what went down last month was hysterical.

Jane had a crush on this guy, his name was Steven, now Jane has been in crush with Steven for like 2 years and we all knew this( we being Nneoma and i), so one day Jane and Steven are just talking about a book, and in between their conversation Steven asks Jane  out, at first she was confused, because she couldn’t believe he just asked her out , but she said yes and she rushed home to tell her best friend about it, when she did tell nneoma about, nneoma was happy for her, they both did what all girls do when their BFFs crush asks them out, cheer, scream e.t.c, but she was quite annoyed and hurt because she had liked Steven for a while, and now he was dating her best friend.

So after like 3 months of watching her bffs relationship with the boy she likes blossom into a flow blown love affair, Nneoma decided to come up with a plan, to ( wait for it) break them up ( gasp). Anyway, she decided to tell Steven this dirty little secret that Jane told to her in confidence ( i wish i could tell you but i cant, all you need to know is it was pretty bad)  of course Nneoma did not do it in person, she didn’t have the guts to, she just slipped him an anonymous text (with pictures) of Janes dirty little secret.

Obviously Jane’s relationship ended almost immediately, and she was devastated, she would cry and cry,and go on about how  she would ‘kill’ whoever told Steven the secret, and so days turned to weeks and weeks to months, until the fateful day came when Jane found out that Nneoma was the one who told Steven her dirty little secret, and not only that but Nneoma had also been ‘dating’ Steven for a month( fault on the guys part i know). The minute Jane found out, all hell broke lose, cups were broken, chairs thrown, bookshelves ripped from their position on the wall and lets not forget clothes ripped out of hangers and thrown down the balcony. and so eventually Jane moved out and never spoke to Nneoma again.

and this is why girls are vicious creatures, we just ruin friendships that were meant to last for GUYS, honestly im disappointed in Nneoma and any girl who’s ever done this

thanks for reading, bye 🙂

Mixed signals or….

So there’s this guy, i met on twitter, he seems quite nice and he is just so fine , he flirts with me now and then but its like an on and off kind of thing ( which is very annoying) , and me being the girl that i am flirt with him but he never seems to notice, and i just ASSUMED he didn’t like me and was just ‘not that into me’ . Until a few days ago, we were just talking and i type ‘so’ and then he types something about hows he wants to sleep and me being an ignoramus actually thinks he means sleep ( you know how when you’re chatting on twitter in your DM’s and you send a message just when another comes through but you didn’t see it until you sent that message ) that what happened to me!!!   So anyway, he types how he wants us to cuddle and im just like SHIT because i already typed a message saying ‘mkay bye ttyl?'( which is not what you type when a fine guy asks you to cuddle), i try to delete the message and all, then i ended up rambling and i basically kill the vibe. then as if i was only hallucinating, he switches to the Just friends conversation and tells me he has to sleep, and im just like -_- and i say bye and he goes. At this point i have smacked my forehead, and im just like why why why.

so my question to you my fellow readers is……… does this guy like me or not

N.B: This is my first blog post so 🙂